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Tour Managers

About our Tour Managers
Tour Managers are extremely important to the guided travel experience. We feature some of the best Tour Managers in the industry. They are experienced, well-traveled, and extensively trained professionals. Our friendly and informative Tour Managers handle the details so that your travel experience with AFC is carefree. From managing each day's schedule to offering suggestions for leisure time and confirming transportation, each Tour Manager works with you to ensure a wonderful travel experience. Local Guides on many city tours complement our Tour Managers, further enhancing your AFC travel experience.

Deb Howard
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Deb was raised in Connecticut and chose to go to college in California. She started her career in the tour industry in 1977 shortly after graduation. With a focus on the North American continent she took tours throughout Northern and Southern California, the Southwest, New England, Canadian Maritimes, & Canadian Rockies.
She has a husband, Bill, & two kids she raised on the east coast. After leaving tour guiding for a while to run a business in household accessories, she's been back at guiding tours since 2010.

Chris McCool
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Chris McCool has had the privilege over the past 35 years to lead tours to 105 countries and to all 50 states.  He states, “I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the places I want to visit, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see.”  His AFC family of friends continues to grow each year as he shares the excitement and beauty of numerous AFC destinations with you.  Chris leads AFC tours both domestically and abroad, and takes you to places that are off the beaten track, as well as well-known destinations.  Come with Chris on an AFC tour and you’ll experience far more than the brochure promises.  Chris has a BA in History, as well as a Masters in Education.  If you love to learn, laugh and let the child that lives inside of you come out to play, take an AFC tour with Chris.

Pat Conway
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Pat was born and raised in Michigan. He has been a tour manager for over 15 years. 
He has been living in San Diego since 1998. He also lived in Tokyo for 8 years.
Pat has travelled to 49 states and over 30 countries. He specializes in national parks, especially those in the western U.S.

Denise Wright
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A 1983 graduate of the International Tour Manager Institute, my long time experience has touched all facets of this trade, enhancing my ability to coordinate and deliver the best tour. I have conducted tours in all but 5 states and have 5 filing cabinets to prove it!  After graduating I focused on senior motorcoach tours and these adventures have always been the heart of my profession.

Will Reece
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Will was born and raised in Seattle, Washington but currently resides in Southern California. Will fell in love with tourism at the age of 16 on a tour to Norway. Since then He has led groups in 30 different countries and 15 states. He Specializes in River Cruises, Europe, and the Western United States.

Mark Jacobson
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After receiving a degree in Business Administration, Mark attended travel school in Minneapolis and started working for a local tour company at the age of 23.  Since then, he’s had the good fortune to escort many tours throughout the United States, Canada and abroad during 25+ years in the travel industry. “In addition to tour guiding, I’ve worked in reservations, group sales, office management, and as a travel show presenter for various tour companies. I’m well-rounded in terms of experience in the travel industry, which translates nicely into my tour guiding skills.”

Larry Womack
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Larry's been a Tour Manager for over eighteen years primarily covering all of the USA and managing tours on European river cruises. 
“My guests always ask me:
Why did you become a Tour Director? It all started during a midlife career change. I was studying to become a chef and accepted a short-term job at a pub in England. When I was finished with the position I decided to travel around Europe. It was at this point I decided to find a job where I could continue to travel. My first job was as a Tour Leader for hiking tours in western USA and Canada. This would eventually lead me to motorcoach tours where I'm still at it today. Oh, what about cooking? Just wasn't in the cards."

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